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Permanent Resident and Citizenship Services

Individuals seeking to become Canadian citizens or those who simply wish to remain in Canada on a long term basis are a good fit for permanent residency and citizenship immigration services.

Obtaining PR in Canada is a very big process, often involving long applications where mistakes can easily be made, resulting in a rejected application.  Hiring a professional ensures the best possible chance of obtaining a positive result because we have experience with applications. We understand the Canadian immigration system and we understand that each situation and individual is unique.



Canada’s Express Entry (EE) is a selection process used by the Canadian government’s department of “Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada” (IRCC) to select skilled immigrants to become permanent residents of Canada. In order to enter the pool, eligible candidates must meet the Canadian Express Entry requirements by qualifying for one of three Canadian immigration streams:

• the Federal Skilled Worker Program

• the Federal Skilled Trades Program

• the Canadian Experience Class

For more information on these programs please contact us.



You may be able to sponsor your spouse,  partner, parents, grandparents, family members and dependent children including adopted children, to become permanent residents of Canada if they live outside of Canada or if they live in Canada with you and have legal immigration status; for example temporary foreign worker or visitor.

We will guide you every step of the way as we complete your application.



Citizenship may be the final step in your immigration process. Immigration Station Canada offers advice on the citizenship process and can assist you with the completion of this application. Please contact us for more information.

Book an Immigration Consultation 

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