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Let's Build Your Team

Immigration Station Canada works with farmers across Canada to fill their labour needs and create permanent solutions to labour shortages.

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Supporting Farmers to Fill Labour Shortages

This is one of our most used services, which allows employers to support foreign workers in their goal of permanent residency by providing foreign workers with a valid job offer or valid job offer with the potential to apply for a work permit. The points gained through the valid job offer, combined with the points gained for obtaining Canadian work experience are very valuable to candidates seeking express entry.

Agriculture is an area of focus for Immigration Station Canada. We offer this through our LMIA services, working with partners to find workers and assisting you with each step of the process to fill your labour need. With experience working in the industry and with commercial farmers, we are here to help you move your business forward with the right team.


Why Hire Foreign Workers?

There are major labour shortages in Canada and agriculture is among industries that are being hit the hardest. We know this as a result of the utter lack of applicants to our job postings. Whether you are in livestock, crops or greenhouses the shortage is apparent and is having a significant impact on the agriculture sector and your farm.

Fortunately, Immigration Station Canada has a solution. We bring to Canada foreign labourers who already possess the skills and desire to perform the duties of the position. We know that many of the skills you require may be taught but finding candidates with farm experience and a genuine desire to do the job is much more difficult to source.

Foreign workers have the skill and the will to do these jobs. Many also have high levels of education in agriculture in addition to multiple certificates. The foreign workers that we seek have years of working in a farm setting and they know the nuances of farm work. These individuals are coming with the foundation that you need to ensure your farm's success and to resolve your labour shortages permanently.

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Benfits of hiring skilled foreign workers


Where to Start?

Now that you have decided to explore hiring foreign workers we recommend you send us an email or give us a call to discuss your options. Canadian farmers are a high priority for us and we welcome your questions. If you are an employer and would like to learn more, please contact Annie by telephone: 1 (905) 800-1630 or by email:


Talk to you soon! 

Additional Information


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Book an Immigration Consultation 

Book a professional consultation with Annie (Anne C. McCaughey) to get started with a customized immigration plan. Annie is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who will be able to provide advice and a plan for moving ahead with your immigration goals. A consultation is 30 minutes via call or video call, followed by a detailed email with further information to help you on your journey. 

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