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Employing Foreign Workers

Immigration Station Canada provides expert, personalized advice surrounding the hiring of foreign workers. This is our specialty!

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Employment often starts with an LMIA and LMIA applications are our specialty!

 If you want to hire a foreign worker, the first step is to determine if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A positive LMIA is the result of the government having determined that there is no Canadian available for the job, and that by hiring the foreign worker  you will have a positive impact onthe Canadian labour market.

Once you have obtained a positive LMIA, the worker can apply for a work permit. LMIA based work permits fall under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Some positions are LMIA exempt. This occurs when the position is categorized as having a positive impact on Canada’s broader economic or cultural objectives. Employers hiring for these types of positions do not require an LMIA. LMIA-exempt work permits fall under a program called  International Mobility Program (IMP). 

In a few cases, foreign workers do not require a work permit. Work permit-exempt positions may include media, business visitors, athletes, and others who are working in Canada temporarily.

Anne showed her professionalism in my LMIA application. LMIA was new to my employer [and] many concerns came up. Anne could manage that very well and my employer got clear instructions to complete the process. Although my case was not as easy as we anticipated, we received very professional advice and services. I would highly recommend Immigration Station Canada - Zhongde W.

Tactical Workforce Planning

We have a tactical approach to workforce planning that involves sourcing skilled labour from around the world. When you look outside Canada you gain a wider range of skill sets and can target individuals that possess the experience that you need, along with international experience to ensure that your business runs optimally. 


Whether you employ 1 employee or 1000 employees we can help you to plan for your labour needs, provide immigration consultation to source the greatest talent from around the world and complete the processes necessary for them to enter Canada as a worker.


Recruiting Foreign Talent

We provide advice on international recruiting and can assist you with the recruitment process. 

When you have found the right candidates we provide consultations to ensure that the individuals you have discovered are eligible to obtain a work permit in Canada.

We will complete a one-on-one assessment to determine if their qualifications meet the requirements of the position and will be assessed positively by an immigration officer.

Recruiting Foreign Talent
Work Authorization

Work Authorization

In order to hire a foreign worker in Canada, you will be required to obtain a work authorization and a work permit. Sometimes this is an LMIA, sometimes an employer job offer or a global talent stream application. Whichever the processes, we can assess your situation to determine the correct path to ensure that your employees are able to obtain status to work in Canada.

In addition, once they are working in Canada we can assist with compliance, audits and extensions.

Permanent Solutions

Permanent Solutions

Many employers wish to support their new employees to remain permanently in Canada by supporting them in their quest for permanent residency.  

One way to do this is through a permanent LMIA based job offer that supports an Express Entry application through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Another way to do this is a job offer through a provincial nomination program. 

If you would like to support your temporary foreign worker to become a permanent resident of Canada and a permanent employee of your company, contact us for more information.




Book an Immigration Consultation 

Book a professional consultation with Annie (Anne C. McCaughey) to get started with a customized immigration plan. Annie is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who will be able to provide advice and a plan for moving ahead with your immigration goals. A consultation is 30 minutes via call or video call, followed by a detailed email with further information to help you on your journey. 

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