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Job Seekers

Immigration Station Canada provides experienced recruiting, hiring and immigration services directed at agricultural businesses facing labour shortages.

Checking the Crops

Working in Canada

We can help you with:

  • Understanding the Canadian Job Market

  • Job Search

  • LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)

  • Work Permit Application Processing

  • Filling in the Paperwork

  • Permanent Residency & Family

  • Our goal is to find the right fit. We want to build great relationships with employers and employees to create permanent solutions.

I just wanted to appreciate and thank Annie for all the help she provided. From start to finish everything went smoothly. I'm very grateful to have her as the person who helped me/us with our dreams of coming here to Canada and hopefully be reunited with my family. She's definitely a rockstar when it comes to Canada immigration. More power and blessings to you Annie and Jessica. I am forever grateful for your help. Thanks a million - Irvin R.

Placement Services

We assist agricultural workers from:

  • Ukraine

  • South Africa

  • Philippines

  • New Zealand

  • Mexico

  • and other countries


We work with applicants for various operations including:​

  • Swine

  • Greenhouses

  • Cattle/Dairy

  • Crop production

Placement Services

Housing and Healthcare

Most Agricultural jobs include subsidized housing and healthcare

In Canada, housing is inspected to ensure that it is suitable for foreign workers. 

In most provinces, public healthcare is available from the time you enter Canada and begin work. In some cases, employers also provide additional healthcare.

Housing and Healthcare

Permanent Residency and Family

Permanent Residency is often the end goal for foreign workers with an interest in working in Canada. It is also often a major goal for employers who wish to support their workers. We provide services to help employers and employees to achieve this goal and to realize their dreams.

Permanent Solutions

Book an Immigration Consultation 

Book a professional consultation with Annie (Anne C. McCaughey) to get started with a customized immigration plan. Annie is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who will be able to provide advice and a plan for moving ahead with your immigration goals. A consultation is 30 minutes via call or video call, followed by a detailed email with further information to help you on your journey. 

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