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Can I Get a Work Permit While My Sponsorship is in Process?

Question submitted by Kristin D.

Thank you for your question, Kristin! Spouses and common-law partners can work while their in-Canada sponsorship application is processing as long as they have applied for and been approved for a work permit. By applying and getting approved for an open work permit, employment can be accepted from any job and any employer. There are many benefits to obtaining an open work permit so that you may work while awaiting your PR application to be processed which can take a long time.

What is spousal sponsorship?

Spousal sponsorship is the ability a Canadian citizen or permanent resident has to support their partner in coming to work and live in Canada with them. Applications for spousal sponsorship are considered a high priority in Canada, as families are deeply valued.

What is a permanent resident status in Canada?

A permanent resident status in Canada allows people to live and work long-term. Though they are not considered citizens, they still have access to healthcare, employment, housing, and other Canadian citizens' same social benefits.

What are the benefits of a work permit?

The benefits to having a work permit include the ability to financially contribute, be active in the economy, and support a spouse or common-law partner while awaiting permanent resident status.

Though it is possible to be approved for a work permit, it should not be relied on entirely. While waiting for a work permit to be approved, your permanent resident status may be accepted first. It is also possible for a work permit to be denied, so having backup plans in place for you and your family will help for a smoother transition.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The open work permit for a spouse is limited to applicants living in Canada who have submitted an application under the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class, and who have temporary resident status or are eligible to restore their temporary resident status (as a visitor, student or worker) and live at the same address as their sponsor.

You will need to have an acknowledgement of receipt for your applicaiton, with a permanent file number, in order to apply for this type of work permit.

Regardless of what kind of permit is being applied for, the eligibility requirements also include:

● Proving that you will leave Canada once your work permit expires

● Show that you have the ability to support your family while working in and leaving Canada

● Obey the law

● No criminal history

● You cannot be a danger to Canada

● Comply with the conditions of the work permit

● Be healthy

● Work for an employee not participating in erotic assignments

● Provide all documentation required and asked of you

How can my spouse or common-law partner apply?

Work permits can be applied to on the Canadian government's website or by working with an immigrant professional like us.

The benefits of working with immigrant professionals are that they can help you navigate all necessary steps in the filing processes, advocate for you, and support you while you reach your goals.

Whether you are looking for long-term or short-term support to reach your dreams, we are here to help!


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