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Changes to Medicals for PR Applications — Everything You Need to Know

Canada is paving the way for making immigration a more accessible and easier process for foreign nationals. One of the ways they are doing so is by implementing new policies that streamline the whole process of immigration. In this brief, we will tell you all about the new temporary policy called the Exemption from the Immigration Medical Examination Requirement for Certain Foreign Nationals, which has been implemented by the Canadian government.

What is the Exemption from the Immigration Medical Examination Requirement Policy?

This new temporary policy by the Canadian government allows foreign nationals who are compliant with the set requirements to get an exemption from having to take a medical test to complete their immigration process. This policy is part of the overall plan for the Canadian government to shrink inventories and expedite processing. However, this policy only applies to those foreign nationals who are applying from within Canada.

This is done to ensure there isn’t a significant threat to public safety presented by the applicant. This also ensures there is no strain placed upon the Canadian healthcare system. Additionally, this policy is applicable for both foreign nationals and accompanying family members, making it more accessible.

What are the Requirements of this New Policy?

It is important to keep in mind that this policy is not for everyone, as there are certain requirements that need to be met for you to be eligible. These requirements are:

  • The person must have submitted a new or pending application for temporary or permanent residence from within Canada.

  • The person must have taken an immigration medical health exam, including a physical exam, in the last five years.

  • The person does not pose a threat to public health.

  • If the person does pose a threat to public health, then they must have reported to the public or territorial health authorities for monitoring.

If all the given requirements are met, you may be eligible to be exempt from having to take a medical examination.

How Does this Policy Benefit Aspiring Immigrants?

This policy is very beneficial for aspiring immigrants as it is a big step forward by the Canadian government toward reducing inventories and preventing the creation of new inventories. Not only does this mean the application process becomes less time-consuming, but it also takes out a big expense on the part of the applicant, which is the medical examination fees. The shorter wait times allow the Canadian government to better manage labor shortages through immigration. All of this can make the immigration process so much easier and simpler for immigrants.

How Long Will this Policy Last?

Since this policy is temporary, it is only expected to stay in place until 2024. However, the department can revoke it if needed. So, those seeking to immigrate to Canada are advised to take advantage of this policy as soon as they can.

Final Thoughts

The Exemption from the Immigration Medical Examination Requirement policy is great news for immigrants as it helps cut down on the waiting time they have to deal with. It also helps reduce the cost of immigration for you. This new policy is great for streamlining the immigration process while making it much more accessible.


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