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Does a Negative Decision Letter Make Me Inadmissible to Canada?

Canada has placed many immigration restrictions and laws to protect the integrity of the immigration system. This is why some people may receive a negative decision letter with respect to their application for a visa or permit. However, a negative decision letter does not necessarily mean you are inadmissible to Canada. In order to be deemed inadmissible your negative decision letter must be the result of specific concerns.

In this brief, we will tell you more about what inadmissibility is, what causes inadmissibility, and what you can do about it.

What Does It Mean to Be Inadmissible to Canada?

Being inadmissible to Canada means you are not allowed to enter the country. If you are in the country when you are found inadmissible, then you may be removed from Canada. An immigration officer determines whether you are inadmissible or not under Canadian immigration laws.

What Are the Reasons You Can Be Inadmissible to Canada?

There are many reasons an immigration officer may deem you inadmissible and reject your visa application. You can be deemed inadmissible because of the following:

  • Security reasons such as subversion, violence, terrorism, or espionage. Being a member of an organization that partakes in such activities will also result in your inadmissibility.

  • Violation of human or international rights, such as war crimes or crimes against humanity.

  • Committing a crime such as driving under the influence.

  • Being involved in organized crime or being a part of an organization that partakes in organized criminal activities.

  • Medical reasons such as having a medical condition that can be a threat to public health and safety.

  • Financial reasons such as being unable to support other members of your family or being unable to support yourself.

  • Not complying with the IRPA provisions.

  • Having a family member who is inadmissible.

  • Having committed misrepresentation by providing false information or not providing vital information that would have been related to the decision made under IRPA.

What Are Your Options if You Have Been Deemed Inadmissible to Canada?

If you have been deemed inadmissible by the Canadian government and have received a negative decision letter, there are some options available to you. Ultimately whether or not you can do anything about your inadmissible status depends entirely on the grounds on which you were deemed inadmissible. If you have a reason to travel to Canada, you can get a temporary resident permit under justified conditions.

Even if you make an application for a temporary resident permit, there is no guarantee that it will be issued to you. If you have been deemed inadmissible to Canada because of criminal activities, you can also take steps to overcome the criminal convictions and, by doing so, overcome your criminal inadmissibility.

If you are seeking more information we recommend you book a consultation so that we can discuss your specific situation.

Immigration Station Canada will work with you and guide you through the best process to achieve your goals, wherever they lead!


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