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The Global Talent Stream is for businesses who need priority processing to bring in highly skilled workers in specific fields of work. If you are an employer or employee with skills related to the Global Talent Stream this is a way to overcome long processing times.


The Global Talent Stream is made up of 2 streams, Category A and Category B.

1.You may be eligible for Category A of the Global Talent Stream if you have been referred to the Global Talent Stream by one of the Stream's designated partners and if you are hiring an individual with unique and specialized talent.


2. You may be eligible for Category B of the Global Talent Stream if you are seeking to hire highly-skilled foreign workers to fill positions in in-demand occupations found on the Global Talent Occupations List. A referral is not required to be eligible for Category B.


You must pay $1,000 for each position requested under the Global Talent Stream to cover the cost of processing the application. This means that if you are applying for 1 position you will pay $1000 and if you are applying for 5 positions you are paying $5000.


You will need to work with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to develop a Labour Market Benefits Plan that demonstrates your commitment to activities that will have lasting, positive impacts on the Canadian labour market. This is a pillar of all temporary foreign worker programs and is used to protect jobs for Canadians and Canadian permanent residents.

A Labour Market Benefits Plan will help you and the Government of Canada identify and track your overall job creation, skills and training investments that will benefit the Canadian economy through your employment of highly-skilled global talent.

The commitments in your Labour Market Benefits Plan will be divided into mandatory and complimentary benefits.

If you have been referred by 1 of the Global Talent Stream’s designated partners and are seeking to hire unique and specialized talent (Category A), you must commit to creating jobs for Canadians and permanent residents as your mandatory benefit.

If you are an employer in Canada seeking to hire highly-skilled foreign workers to fill positions in occupations on the Global Talent Occupations List (Category B), you must commit to increasing skills and training investments for Canadians and permanent residents as your mandatory benefit.

In addition to the applicable mandatory benefit for Category A or B in your Labour Market Benefits Plan, you must also commit in the Plan to achieving a minimum of 2 complimentary benefits with at least 1 activity for each benefit. The complementary benefits identified by an employer must be in addition to the mandatory benefit and must demonstrate more ways of benefiting the labour market.

Complementary benefits could include but are not limited to job creation, investment in skills and training, transferring knowledge to Canadians and permanent residents, enhanced company performance and implementing best practices or policies as an employer for your workforce. Supporting underrepresented groups is also considered a worthwhile benefit and may be part of your benefits plan.

It is important that as part of your planning process you consider what these benefits will look like, how you will execute them, and how you will track the results.

If you are applying for positions in both Category A and Category B, you must commit to 1 activity as part of the job creation benefit and 1 activity as part of the investments in skills and training benefit, as well as at least 2 complimentary benefits.

The following are activities that are listed by ESDC that determined to support mandatory and complementary benefits outlined in an employer's Labour Market Benefits Plan. They may include, but are not limited to:

  • increasing the number of Canadians and permanent residents employed full-time and part-time by the employer

  • establishing or enhancing educational partnerships with local or regional post-secondary institutes or with other organizations that are supporting skills and training (for example, providing post-secondary institutes with free licenses or other access to specialized software that will help to build student skills on key industry tools)

  • providing paid co-op or internship opportunities for Canadians and permanent residents at the firm

  • developing, implementing or participating in initiatives that increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the workplace, (for example, hosting and/or attending events that support the professional development and/or hiring of underrepresented groups in the labour market and women in high-skilled technical and/or leadership roles at the firm)

  • providing direct training to Canadians or permanent residents, including supporting employees to travel to and attend industry or industry sector conferences relevant to the development of their specialized skillset

  • ensuring that the highly skilled foreign workers directly supervise and mentor Canadian workers at the firm to support knowledge transfer;

  • increasing growth of revenue, employment or investment at the firm

  • developing or improving best company practices or policies related to attraction/retention of Canadian workforce (for example, by supporting code sprints and hackathons to hire new employees); and

  • developing or enhancing partnerships with organizations that assist with the identification of top domestic capital

ESDC will work with you to complete the Labour Market Benefits Plan during the Global Talent Stream application process.


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