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Proving You will Leave Canada...

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

at the end of your temporary stay.

How do I prove my ties to my home country (country of citizenship or residence)?

Important tips included

Demonstrating your ties to your home country (country of citizenship or residence) is very important if you want to obtain a temporary resident visa to Canada. Ties to your home country show the immigration officer that you have something to go back to at the end of your stay in Canada and that you are likely to leave prior to the expiration of your valid status in Canada. Typically a positive travel history, family members, property, or a job are used to demonstrate this area of a visa application.

A positive travel history means that you have traveled to another country, or several other countries, and have returned to your country of residence or citizenship prior to the expiration of your valid status in the country that you visited.

Below is a list that demonstrates what you can include in your application for Temporary Resident Status to demonstrate ties to your country of residence or citizenship:

1. Employment/Career

  • Leave of Absence Letter from Your Employer

  • Pay Stubs

2. Property Ownership

  • Deed to Land

  • Mortgage

3. Investments - Statements for the following:

  • Financial Investments

  • Savings

  • Investments in Business

4. Spouse and Children

  • Birth Certificates

  • Marriage Certificate

5. Other Family Ties

  • Parents

  • Siblings

  • Cousins

Demonstrate these ties through birth certificates and/or affidavits.

6. Business

  • Ownership Papers

  • Incorporation Documents

  • Taxes

  • Business Structure Documents

7. Membership and Involvement

  • Letters from Community Organizations

8. Strong Passport

  • Does your home country have a strong passport?

  • Is there no reason to want to leave your home permanently?

9. Past Travel History

  • Evidence of travel to other countries and a return to your home country

These are good examples of things that may be used as ties to your home country (country of citizenship or country of residence). If you need assistance with your application, or have had a refusal on this basis, please contact us at for a consultation.

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