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Ineligible Express Entry Profiles

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Why is my profile ineligible?

Ineligible profiles can happen for a multitude of reasons. We have listed below several common errors, and some not so common, that result in an ineligible profile.

  1. Did you use the right national occupation (NOC) code?

  2. If you choose Quebec in the province or territory you are interested in settling in, you will be found ineligible. Quebec falls outside of the Express Entry system so choosing this province you will automatically be ineligible.

  3. The language factor varies depending on the stream. If you are a Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) applicant, you need to have at least CLB7 in your first language.

  4. If you are applying under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), you must have: at least CLB7 in your first language if your primary NOC code is Skill Type/Level 0 or A or B and falls under the skilled worker NOCs, or a CLB 55 in listening and speaking and CLB 4 in reading and writing of your NOC falls under the Federal Skilled Trades

  5. For work experience, the eligibility also depends on the category.

  6. For FSW, you need at least one year of full-time, or two years part time, continuous, paid work experience, in an NOC code with Skill Type/Level 0, A or B. The work experience can be outside of Canada.

  7. For CEC, you need at least one year of full-time experience in Canada, in an NOC code with Skill Type/Level 0, A or B and the experience must be obtained in Canada.

  8. For FST, you need at least two years of full-time work experience in a skilled trade. Or four years of part time experience or a combination of part and full time that equals 2 years of full time experience. This can be obtained out side of Canada

  9. Job offers:

  10. Valid job offers: we will detail this in another post, but if you do not have an LMIA based job offer with a number associated with it then do not enter that you have a job offer or you will be found ineligible.

  11. Certificate of qualification:

  12. You do not need one to be eligible, except for FST applicants. If you do not have a 1-year job offer from a Canadian employer, you will have to provide a certificate of qualification If the industry required it. A certificate of qualification is worth points!

  13. Settlement funds - For settlement funds, if you select a dollar amount inferior to the required funds, you be automatically found ineligible. However, if you are already in Canada under a temporary work permit, or if you have a valid job offer, you do not need to have the required minimum funds.

  14. If you are an FSW applicant, there is an additional requirement: the famous 67 out of 100 points.

Top 5 Takeaways:

  1. Check your application thoroughly

  2. Check you NOC

  3. Do not select Quebec

  4. Check language and experience levels

  5. Check settlement funds

If you have checked all of these things and you are still ineligible please book a consultation here.


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