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Top Tips for Applying for a Study Permit in 2021

Canada is well-known for its great education system and world-renowned universities, but if you wish to relocate to Canada for study, you will need to apply for a study permit. Applying for a Canadian study permit can be a daunting task, as this will determine whether you are permitted to study at your chosen institution. Here is what you will need to include in your application.

Proof of Acceptance

Firstly, when applying for a student visa, you will need to prove that the university wants you to become a student at their establishment. An acceptance letter from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute must be submitted with your application.

Proof of Funds

To obtain a study permit, you must ensure that you can support yourself while living in Canada. The amount required should be around CA$10,000 for each year you intend to study in the country. To prove that you have this amount, it is important to send documentation of bank statements, student loans, scholarship details or a letter from someone willing to sponsor you. Another great way to evidence your funds is to purchase a GIC, a Canadian Guaranteed Investment Certificate which is a very safe deposit investment.

Strong IELTS Scores

When applying for a student visa, you will need to sit an International English Language Test to prove that your English skills meet the necessary levels to study in Canada. Often, potential students will spend some time studying for the test or attending classes prior to sitting the IELTS exam.

The requirement for a student visa is that you score at least 5.5 in every section of the IELTS, but with an overall score of 6. For more advanced courses such as postgraduate degrees, the requirement is even higher – participants need to score over 6 in each section, with a total score of over 6.5. Finally, if you are applying for programs such as teaching or engineering, which are in high demand, your score needs to be above 7.

Keep in mind that Canada uses the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) scale rather than the IELTS scale so you should ensure that your IELTS scores convert to the required CLB scores. You can find the conversion table here.

Tuition Paid In Full

In order to study in Canada, you will have to pay your tuition fees in advance and in full to prove that you can afford the cost. These fees depend on the learning institute that you are applying for but can often be around $15,000 for each year. This can be paid by yourself or a family member, and receipt of payment should be included in your visa application.

Strong Ties To Home Country

A student visa is for temporary residence rather than permanent residency. Therefore, your application is stronger if you can prove strong ties to your home country. This could include evidence of close relationships to your family, proof of a potential job at the end of your studies, property ownership or investment in a business, amongst other things.

Well Thought Out Study Plan

Part of the student visa application includes the need for a study plan, where you can explain why you want to study within the country and your future plans after your studies are completed. Your study plan should be around one page long and be clear and easy to read. Make sure you include why you want to study in Canada specifically, rather than choosing the same course in your country of residence. Additionally, describe what you plan to do with the diploma or degree and how this will benefit your career options once you return home. Finally, once completed, ensure that you proofread the document for grammar, spelling and correct English. It’s always best to submit a polished letter!


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Please contact us if you would like assistance with your immigration application or to book an appointment.


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