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When will the Federal Skilled Worker Program be back?

What is the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

The Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada is a way for experienced professionals with relevant skills to gain permanent residence in the country. To qualify for the program, applicants need to show evidence of significant work experience and employability, indicating that they can be a benefit to Canadian society.

Entry is determined by a points system, where workers need to not only meet the criteria to apply but also score at least 67 points. These points are based on aspects like language proficiency, education, age, and work experience. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, around 50% of candidates invited to the ‘Express Entry’ pool were found through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. However, since 2020 most candidates have been from inside Canada due to the pandemic. So when will things get back to normal? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Haven’t There Been Any Draws This Year?

Throughout 2021, there have been no draws for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, with the only draws being for other programs (CEC and PNP). One of the main reasons for this is due

Will Federal Skilled Worker Draws Resume?

to the pandemic’s impact on the nation. The government is cautious about people entering the country as they want to stop the spread of the virus and keep their citizens safe. Progress has been made in accepting Express Entry candidates, however, these generally tend to already be residents in Canada and, therefore, do not need to enter the country.

Secondly, the pandemic has dramatically impacted the economy, with the government stating that immigration is essential for helping it to recover. This immigration, however, is likely to be shorter term.

When Will Draws Resume?

There is no set date for the draws to continue at present, however, it can be estimated that they will return when there is less risk presented due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is what happened last year when between July and December 2020, the draws started up again after being stopped during lockdowns.

Additionally, in 2022 we may see new leaders responsible for immigration in Canada, which may lead to a change of policy regarding the draws.

What is clear is that the Canadian Government has released figures on their immigration targets for 2022 and 2023. These targets show that from 2021-2023, they are looking to increase the number of immigrants through the Federal Skilled Worker Program up to 113,750 in 2023.

What Should You Do In The Meantime?

If you are in limbo and waiting for the draws for the program to begin again, you can use this time to improve your chances of being selected. Factors that will improve your CRS score include improving your English language proficiency, gaining further work experience or educational qualifications or obtaining a job offer. It may also be a time to look into other immigration options and ways to enter Canada. To help with this, contact us today so that we can evaluate your individual case and recommend the next steps.


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