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Are You a Lonely Canadian?

The Canadian Government has a number of opportunities for close relatives to come to Canada, with the aim of becoming permanent residents. This could include a spouse, parents or grandparents. However, some Canadian citizens or permanent residents may not have close family members to bring to the country and may be feeling rather alone.

This is where the lonely Canadian program comes in, as it allows someone to sponsor an extended family member to come to Canada so that they are not left feeling alone. The Canadian government are committed to reunifying families in the case of a lonely family member through this program, but there are strict guidelines.

Who Can Sponsor Someone Through This Program?

There are strict regulations on who is allowed to sponsor family members through the lonely Canadian program. The basic requirements mean that you need to:

· be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada

· be 18 years or over

· live in Canada, and;

· not be banned from sponsorship

On top of this, there needs to be proof that no closer family members that are Canadian citizens already or live-in other countries but can be sponsored. This is because the program is for ‘lonely Canadians’ who have no one else close to them that lives in Canada or has the potential to.

The final step to checking that you are eligible to be a sponsor is to ensure that you meet the requirements for the minimum income, to ensure you can support anyone you are sponsoring. The minimum income level will depend on family size, and this is something that immigration experts can advise on.

Who Can Be Sponsored Through The Lonely Canadian Program?

If you are eligible to be a sponsor, you can sponsor any member of your extended family (whether this is a blood relative or adopted relative). There is no age limit for this type of immigration application. There are some circumstances where you can sponsor not only one person but also their close family – for example, a partner or dependent children.

Applying for the Lonely Canadian Program in Three Steps

Applying for the Lonely Canadian Program is a three-step process, and like any immigration process, it can be complex. That is why we suggest hiring immigration experts that can help you through each stage of the process. To aid your understanding, we have summarised the three steps below:

Step 1 – Obtain a Lonely Canadian Program Application Package

This package includes everything that you need to know about how to apply including an instruction guide, document checklist and all the forms that you are required to submit for the process. When you get this package, ensure that you definitely meet the criteria before applying as if not, you could lose money and waste time.

Complete the relevant forms and gather the evidence that they require for the application. This includes your details and circumstances, proof of your income, an agreement stating how long you are willing to support your relative that you are looking to bring to Canada, information on any dependant children that they may have, and any other relevant information.

Step 2 – Pay The Fee For Your Application

There are a number of different fees that you or the person you are looking to sponsor need to pay before the application can be processed. Firstly, will be asked to pay a fee for biometrics to be taken – this includes fingerprints and a photo of the person you are looking to sponsor. There are also a number of third-party fees that you may be asked to pay – but this will depend on your individual situation – an immigration expert can advise on this. This may include fees for police checks or medical assessments.

Step 3 – Submit Your Application To The Canadian Government

Within the instruction guide, there is an address to send your application to for it to be processed. Once you have completed all the documents, send the information to this address and wait for the outcome of your application.


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