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Do I Need A Travel History?

My application was denied and the reason cited was,

  • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR based on your Travel History.

How can I overcome this reason for denial? - Question submitted by Raj S.

Refusals citing travel history are frequent and frustrating. How do you build a travel history when you are not permitted to travel? However, with a new application and time, you may be able to overcome this reason for refusal.

Applications are refused based on travel history when an applicant has not left their home country, has limited travel or has not travelled to another country for which they would have had to obtain a visa. Sometimes they are refused because of insufficient travel history and other tines as a result of extensive travel history.

Take Action

If you have been refused it is time to take action before you reapply.

1. Travel!

It is important to build a travel history so that you can refute this reason for refusal.

Start considering countries that will offer you a visa to enter but that are less competitive than Canada. Once you start building a travel history it is easier to build a travel history.

2. Bolster your funds

Start building up your savings and make sure that you can show this

with bank statements for four to six months.

3. Ensure you have steady employment

Get into a job and stay in that job. You want to show that you have steady employment which is something to return to when your trip is complete.

4. Prove you can take a leave of absence and return to your job

This will go a long way to showing that you have the steady employment discussed above and that you have something to return to in your country of residence. It strengthens your ties to home and demonstrates the genuine nature of your trip to the visa officer.

5. Have solid ties to your home country

Demonstrate strong ties to your country of residence and citizenship.

6. Have a definitive purpose for your journey to Canada

Visiting for a wedding or graduation makes more sense to a visa officer than a visit to do some sightseeing. Make sure you have a reason to see Canada or your visa may be denied on the basis that the nature of the visit is not genuine.

If you have had a refusal as a result of travel history, contact us and we will provide the guidance you need to overcome this reason for refusal.


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