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Canadian Immigration and COVID

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Why Canada will continue to welcome immigration during the pandemic...

It's no surprise that immigration initiatives are viewed positively by all political parties in Canada, who have each, during their periods of leadership, increased the rate of immigration in incremental amounts, reaching the current goal of 1.2 million over the next 4 years. Simply put, immigration ensures that the country remains economically strong.

There are two benefits to immigration:

1. A larger population means a larger tax base.

2. Immigration ensures that we are replenishing our population which is at risk due to the aging demographic and low birth rate.

However, in addition to this, immigration is an economic driver in even more ways. Newcomers bring income, investments, new business and an overall beneficial economic impact, particularly through business immigration because it is focused on opening new businesses or refreshing old businesses and hiring or continuing to employ Canadians and Canadian Permanent residents.

Newcomers may, in fact, be viewed as the backbone of the economic recovery. Despite this, 2020 has been challenging because COVID has prevented many immigrants from realizing their dreams of immigration which is ultimately preventing the country from achieving its fiscal goals.

Although many provinces are closing their doors to immigration due to economic slow down and high unemployment, the rationale is backwards and may in fact prevent economic growth. Fortunately, federal programs are shifting to meet the new goal of 1.2 million new Canadians over the next three years.

Canada needs immigration, and it needs the right kind of immigration, including business immigration, skilled work immigration and filling vital roles in farming and skilled trades.

The economic slow down and higher unemployment rates have not changed the number of skilled trade or skilled agricultural workers in Canada. There remain shortages that must be filled and these can be filled by skilled immigrants.

Reducing provincial immigration numbers due to COVID-19 is detrimental to Canada, while targeting the right type of immigration could result in a stronger than ever economy in the short term while encouraging a strong population and growth rate to maintain stability in the long term.

This is what is needed to weather this storm and to grow into the future and is exactly the same argument that can be made for every Labour Market Impact Assessment that is being submitted today. We need stability to create growth and this will come through welcoming immigration, just as the federal government has pledged to do.

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