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6 Things to Watch Out for When Lodging a Canadian Citizenship Application

It is really exciting to finally be lodging your Canadian citizenship application. You have worked hard for this, and now it is time to be a citizen of your dream country. However, you need to be careful during the whole application submission process, so you don't end up missing something vital. In this brief, we will tell you the 6 things to keep in mind when lodging a Canadian citizenship application to help you get your Canadian citizenship without any hiccups.

Things to Watch Out for When Lodging a Canadian Citizenship Application

Check if You Fit the Criteria

It may sound obvious, but it always helps to double-check if you fit all the criteria required for acquiring Canadian citizenship. If you don't fit any of the criteria set down by the Canadian government, your application will be rejected. Some of the requirements for acquiring Canadian citizenship are:

  • You must be a permanent resident

  • You need to have lived for 3 out of the last 5 years in Canada

  • You must have filed your taxes as required

  • You must have passed the citizenship test and proven your language skills

Double Check All the Paperwork

When lodging an application for citizenship, missing paperwork could potentially result in application rejection. You should make sure that you have provided all the paperwork and filled out the required forms properly. This way, there won’t be any complications during processing.

Be Sure to Pay Your Fees in Full

If your fees are not paid, or you have provided insufficient fees, your application will be returned to you without being accepted. This is why forgetting to pay the fees could set you back in your citizenship acquisition. So it is vital that you pay all the due fees in full within the provided time limit.

Study for Your Canadian Citizenship Knowledge Test

To apply for Canadian citizenship, you will have to provide proof of language proficiency. This proof is in the form of a test taken by several organizations, including IELTS and CELPIP. Even if you are fluent in English, it is a good idea to study for the exams so you can get a good score.

Keep an Eye on Your Citizenship Application Status

After you have received your acknowledgment of receipt (AOR), you can check your application status. If your status is showing, it means that the application has been received and has been accepted into processing. By regularly checking your application’s status, you can monitor how far along your application is and how close you are to getting your Canadian citizenship.

Be Patient

It is never a good idea to hurry through the process of lodging your citizenship application. If you are not patient, you may end up missing important things. So it is a good idea to take your time during the application submission process. This way, there won’t be any room for mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Applying for Canadian citizenship is a big step which is why you need to be careful when lodging the application. Double-check all the paperwork and requirements to ensure you have the highest chance of getting approved. If you are confused, you can always seek help from a professional immigration advocate.

We recommend you book a consultation so that we can discuss your specific situation.

Immigration Station Canada will work with you and guide you through the best process to achieve your goals, wherever they lead!


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