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Q. How long is this going to take? Question submitted by Ajay S.

Updated: May 6, 2022

How long will it take to process my application? Question asked by Ajay S.

When pursuing any form of immigration, the result can be life-changing. However, the process is not fast, and once you've submitted an application, waiting is all you have left to do until you receive a document request for a decision or a decision from IRCC. Having an estimated timeline to guide you, can bring a little peace during this time and ease some of the nervous energy associated with the anticipation of the pending decision.

Below are the estimated processing times provided by the Government of Canada for the services Immigration Station can guide you through.

*These times are estimates provided by the IRCC website and Immigration Station cannot influence the timelines. In addition, the times provided do not include the time necessary to submit your biometrics.

Temporary Resident Visas

Visiting Canada

Whether it’s a Visitor Visa, a Super Visa, or a Business Visitor Visa, the processing times vary by the country you are coming from. We can give you a better estimate with that information – just ask! For a Visitor Visa inside of Canada, processing times are 11 days online and 42 days by paper. Visitor Extension processing times are 213 days online and 212 days by paper.

Work in Canada

Coming from outside of Canada, again your current country will affect the processing times of a Work Permit. From inside Canada, an initial application and/or an extension is 133 days online and 205 days by paper. International Experience Canada can take 21 weeks if applying last season and 3 weeks for the current season. The Caregiver Program is a pilot program and there is not enough data to give a proper estimate.

Study in Canada

A Study Permit from outside of Canada can take 13 weeks, and one from inside Canada can take 5 weeks. If you’re applying for an extension, a Study Permit can take 64 days online and 179 days by paper.

Permanent Residency

Express Entry

Express Entry Canadian Experience Class can be expected to take 6 months.

Federal Skilled Worker Program is estimated at 27 months, while the Federal Skilled Trades Program can take 37 months.

An Express Entry for the Provincial Nominee Program is estimated to take 22 months.


When sponsoring a spouse or common-law partner, processing times are estimated at 20 months coming from outside of Canada and 16 months from within. For other members of your family like a parent, or grandparent, processing time can take 32 months. A dependent child – biological or adopted - estimated times vary by country.


Citizenship is estimated at 27 months, while a Citizenship Certificate can take 17 months. Renouncing your Citizenship processing is 15 months.

Start-Up Visa is estimated between 12 and 16 months and a Self-Employed Visa can take 24 months to process.

Immigration Station will always do our best to ensure the fastest possible processing of your application. You will always be informed of the most up-to-date information and timelines.


About Us

Immigration Station Canada is a dedicated, professional Canadian Immigration firm practicing out of Northumberland County, just east of Toronto, in Canada. We serve clients from Kingston, Belleville, Brighton, Cobourg, Oshawa, the GTA, Guelph, Milton, Stratford and St. Catharines and around the world. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Anne C. McCaughey (Annie) is an experienced immigration services provider and a fifth-generation Canadian who values the immigration process and the unique individuals who immigrate to Canada to become part of the fabric of this wonderful country. If you would like to submit a question to Ask Annie, use the contact form.

How Can We Help? We do work permits, study permits, visitor visas, Express Entry, spousal sponsorship, family class sponsorship, and Canadian citizenship with expertise in Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications and Global Talent Stream applications. Please contact us if you would like assistance with your immigration application or to book an appointment.

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